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Caring For Your Miniature Donkey Download Edition
Caring For Your Miniature Donkey Download Edition


Chapter 1
Miniature Donkey Facts 
Breed Standards 

Chapter 2
Purchasing and New Owners 
In The Beginning... 
Marketing Miniature Donkeys 
Long Distance Shipping 
Treatment for Respiratory Disease  
Integrating the new Donkey 
When You Get Your New Weanling Home 
Know What’s Normal For Your Donkey 

Chapter 3
Feeding and Bedding 
Fences for Horses/Donkeys  
Selecting the Right Fence 
Types of Fences 
Stall Bedding 
Bedding Material 
Manure Management 
Cold Weather Care 
Cold Weather Care of Weanlings 
The Equine Comfort Zone 
The Battle Against Flies 

Chapter 4
Hoof Care 
Rasping and Trimming Donkey Hooves 
Hoof Abscesses 
Thrush or Abscess? 
Seedy Toe:  Causes, Complications, Cures 

Chapter 5
Disease, Illness, Skin 
Household First Aid 
The Killing Fields 
Hyperlipaemia and Obese Donkeys 
Plugged Tear Ducts 
Treating Eye Problems 
Allergies and their Treatment 
Lyme Disease 
Equine Sarcoid: Frequently Asked Questions 
Asinine Herpesvirus 3 
New Discoveries on Rhino Virus 
Dryland Distemper (Pigeon Fever) 
Strangles – Equine Distemper 
Foal Diarrhea  
Does My Donkey Have Arthritis? 
Equine Infectious Anemia 
So Your Pet Has Cancer 
Heaves (Emphysema) 
Location of the heave line 
Hot weather Hauling and Heat stress 
Upward Fixation of the Patella 
Medial Patellar Desmotomy 
Selenium Deficiency 
White Muscle Disease   
History and Clinical Signs 
Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine Exclusive 
Selenium Intoxication 
End Stage Liver Disease 
Treating the Open Wound    
Identifying the Cause of Weight Loss 
Laminitis (Founder) 
Skin Problems 
The Obese Donkey 
The Death of... or the Euthanasia of... One of our Beloved Pets 

Chapter 6
Vaccinations and Medication 
Do Mini Donkeys Get Mini  
The facts about Vaccine Products 
Miniature Donkey Vaccinations 
What Vaccinations Do I Really Need? 
Respiratory Infections 

Chapter 7
Worms and Parasites 

Chapter 8
Reproduction, Breeding, Foaling 
Rectal Palpation  
Udder Edema in the Miniature Jennet 
Navel or Joint ill 
Foal Septicemia 

Chapter 9
Behavior, Psychology and Training 
Donkey ill-Manners:  The Biter 
The Elderly Donkey 
A Little About Jacks  
The Donkey Guardian 
How to become Confident with your Donkey 
Hard to Catch Donkey 
Teaching a Young Donkey to Lead 
How to teach a donkey to lead...... Quick 
The Beginners Guide to Driving 

Chapter 10
Questions, Miscellaneous 

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Books And Videos

Books And Videos

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