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Weanling Miniature Donkey Halter


"PREMIUM DONKEY HALTERS" Only available in blue and black. Custom Made Deluxe, TWO-PLY, 3-Way Adjustable (3-way adjustable is very important for proper fit on donkeys!) Tired of horse halters that don't fit??? These halters are custom made to our specifications to fit Miniature Donkeys. Important 3-way custom designed adjustable (you can't find that anywhere!) Double thick nylon that is strong and durable, yet lightweight. Strong metal horse type buckles. 

Foal Halters: 3/4" Nylon, weighs about 6 oz, Fits two month old foals up to yearlings. This size will also fit small-headed adult Miniature Donkeys. If you are not sure about the size to order go to our Halter Size page in the Help Menu for approximate measurements. Please note that some color shades may vary.
Price: $15.95

Lead Lines
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5-1/2 foot, round woven nylon with thumb snap  Please note that colors shades may vary slightly from halters.
Price: $8.95

Mini Measure


The Mini-Measure Measures Miniatures up to 46" Wooden guide with level - Easy to Slide and Easy to Read Heavy duty Aluminum 48" Ruler in 1/16" increments Can be taken apart for easy carrying or for hanging on a wall. (Because of size this item may be shipped separately from other items)
Price: $41.95

Donkey Twitch


Control your donkey with a twitch. The oldest know way to control your donkey. Rope twists around donkeys upper lip causing a release endorphons which are a natural pain-killing chemical and stress reducer. Great for use during hoof or veterinary proceedures. Caused the donkey to stand in a relaxed state with out causing any harm. Please visit the link on the left "TWITCH INST" under Help to view the instructions. You can also print this page.
Price: $16.95

Miniature Donkey Hobbles


Hobbles (Available in red only) Custom Made to fit Miniature Donkeys and Miniature Horses. If you are breeding maiden jennets and mares, you shouldn't be without a pair of hobbles and a muzzle! Perfect for first time mothers who may attempt to kick their newborns to keep them from nursing.
Price: $16.95



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