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Velcro Extender for Fly Mask
For use with fly mask when all measurements fit except for the jaw area (#4). Extends this area up to 3 inches.
Price: $3.99

Foaling Manual And DVD Combo
Free Shipping to USA on this item

Order Foaling Manual and DVD at package price
List Price: $40.90
Price: $36.95

Caring Book, Foaling Manual and DVD Combo
Free Shipping to USA on this item

Order the spiral bound Caring for your Miniature Donkey book, Foaling Manual and Foaling DVD at reduced price. Please note that some pages may contain some ink imperfections but are totaly legible.
List Price: $70.85
Price: $64.95

Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate
Give a years online gift subscription to your buyers or friends.

Just provide us the name and address of the person getting the gift in the address box, along with the email address if known.

We will send the gift certificate to the person listed right away, or if the email address is provided they will be set up right away.  Either way you will be named as the giver.

You can also purchased one or more unamed certificates that you can give out at a later date.
Price: $15.00

Miniature Donkey Hobbles


Hobbles (Available in red only) Custom Made to fit Miniature Donkeys and Miniature Horses. If you are breeding maiden jennets and mares, you shouldn't be without a pair of hobbles and a muzzle! Perfect for first time mothers who may attempt to kick their newborns to keep them from nursing.
Price: $16.95

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