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Welcome to our store and we really appreciate your business.

Our names are Bonnie & Mike Gross

We have been in the donkey business for over 30 years and have had as many as 85 Miniature Donkeys as our family.

For several reasons we decided to reduce our herd to about 15 a few years back. My father-in-law was my main caretaker for the donkeys and unfortunantly he passed away a few years back. With the magazine, and the registry to contend with we decided to find a home for our remaining donkeys. We were able to sell them all together and they still remain together today.

That allowed us to devote more time to the magazine and the registry and also allow us a little get away time in the summer.

It also removed the conflict of raising and selling donkeys while at the same time producing the magazine.

The magazine started as a 3 page newsletter about 25 years ago and has grown to become a full color magazine distributed to the US, Canada and many other countries. It's because of the support people like yourself who have helped make the magazine what it is today.

We have relocated to Cripple Creek, Colorado as of March 2008 and will be continuing our business as usual (or better) from here. Cripple Creek has a herd of donkeys that roam the town freely and are cared for by the city. Some mornings we wake up to braying - so we do feel at home.

Recently, for various reasons, we decided to primarily publish online, while at the same time providing a limited number of printed copies to people who do not have internet access, or other problems.

So please enjoy your visit - check out our on-line magazine, books, halters and other items.


Mike & Bonnie

If you have any comments or questions please email:





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